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May 22, 2009

The all new

Amnesty International

Who wouldn't fight for amnesty? We did! We've not only did it, but we've built the new so everybody can fight for amnesty having a strong online base.

The new is all about interactivity, communication, engagement and support. The technology and the design work together to provide visitors the possibility to become a part of the solution and the possibility to act themselves.

Powered by Drupal, the immediate benefit and a great improvement is that it's much easier to update and maintain the website on a daily basis. "Now we are able to present the issues in almost real time, thus engaging the visitors to take actions for human rights", says Nikolas Glen, Amnesty International Direct Marketing Coordinator.

Featuring a clean, minimalist, but visually intensive design, layout is arranged to lead visitors' attention to the most important content on the mainpage and throughout the site. Browsing the website and accessing all the content is a matter of few clicks due to the intuitive navigation system. is also developed as an e-commerce solutions, allowing visitors to shop right on the website without the need to disclose their private data to the third party intermediaries. In addition, has it's own Customer Relation Management system, so the Amnesty stuff can connect and track each visitor on an individual level. On the new visitors can manifest their support by signing campaigns, making donations, leaving comments and sharing their concerns and opinions. Contributing to the Amnesty's causes is easier than ever before.

Nikolas Glen, Amnesty International Direct Marketing Coordinator, says: "With the new, it is easier to get information about human rights and Amnesty International; it is easier to engage in human rights issues and support Amnesty financially or through activism. It is also easier for us to communicate with our members and supporters because now we can deliver a more personalized and relevant message to each and everyone of them."

Conceptually, the new is the right approach to the new challenges of the Web and Amnesty International can now directly communicate and interact with visitors, members and supporters.

Visit the new and fight for amnesty... as we did!

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