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May 12, 2009

Supporting the Drupal community

DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0

DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 is coming in town. Propeople has the privilege to proudly support the Danish Drupal community by becoming a DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 Platinum Sponsor. The event is organized by the Danish Drupal Association and is now at its second edition (2.0). The first edition was organized in November 2008 and since back then Propeople has taken an pro-active role in contributing for the event.

Michael Koefoed Steensborg Drejer, Propeople CEO, believes the community is the core of Drupal's success. "As the leading Drupal development company in Denmark and an Acquia Platinum partner, Propeople has the responsibility to be a part of the Drupal community and to support it. Sponsoring DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 is a great privilege to support the Drupal community both in Denmark and around the world." says Michael Koefoed Steensborg Drejer.

DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 focuses to consolidate the Danish Drupal community, that is to bring Drupal developers together to discuss Drupal related topics to find efficient solutions. The event also aims to present Drupal to the Danish web-developer who are not yet famillyar with Drupal. There is a growing demand in qualified Drupal developers in Denmark, so web-developers can find new opportunities by adopting Drupal.

Looking beyond locally, another purpose of the DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 is to come up with a list of suggestions for the theming layer in Drupal. This already has been started at DrupalCon DC and a special theming group is already working on this issue. There will be several sessions at the DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 ending with a panel discussion that should summize the Camp 's suggestions for a better theming layer in Drupal.

DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 features such great speakers as Addison Berry, Todd Ross Nienkerk, Morten Birch Heide-Jørgensen and many others. This DrupalCamp is the place to meet great people and directly contribute to the development of Drupal.

Propeople will be live-blogging from DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0. Don't miss the DrupalCamp Copenhagen 2.0 live on Propeople blog on May 22-24, 2009.

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