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September 3, 2009

State of Drupal by Dries Buytaert - DrupalCon Paris live

10:03 Dries just cut a ribbon of network cable, thus officially opening the DrupalCon Paris.
10:07 Are we freezing the code? 10:08 Drupal Development theory Start -> "Slow motion" phase -> Strong momentum -> "Patch frenzy" phase -> Code freeze -> Release -> "Developer scream" phase -> "User scream" phase
10:12 Drupal goes through the the processes most products go. There may be dissapointment, but it is covered with excitement when the product is used.
10:15 Gartner hype cycle describes the processes Drupal goes through.

10:18 Drupal is now in the "Plateau of Productivity": visitors number grows steadily, new organizations move to Drupal, and Drupal wins awards.
10:22 Dries enumerates all Drupal strengths: technical improvements, better documentation, more themes, added Field API in core, add fields possibility. Drupal undergone the biggest architectural change in the last 4 years.
10:26 Drupal 7 is the best version of Drupal up-to-date.
10:27 Drupal 7 code freeze cannot be done now. Testing continues, Drupal 7 is still slower, but it is scalable.
10:29 Drupal 7 code freeze will be extended for a week, so people at DrupalCon Paris can contribute to it.
10:30 On Monday, Drupal 7 will be released.
10:31 The "code slush" phase of 5 weeks will not aloow additions of new features and functionality, but can go with API changes, testing, etc.
10:32 October 15, 2009 Drupal 7 API will be frozen.
10:33 Current exceptions: imagefield, field translation, convert profile module to field API, convert taxonomy, to field API, overlays, edit anywhere, shortcuts, dashboard, plugin manager, RDF/RDFa
10:34 October 15-November 15, "strict polish" phase - the code will be "polished".
10:35 After Nov 15, Drupal 7 will undergone the final testing. Drupal 7 may be released before 2010. Click on the image below.

10:38 Drupal evolves following this scheme: innovation -> bespoke -> products -> service. Drupal 7 aims to move from "products" to "services".
10:42 Reachness + reach = success. Drupal scores better than other CMS.
10:43 Is Drupal a framework or a product. Drupal is framework and product.
10:46 Drupal is moving from innovation-driver development to the user-driven development.
10:48 In terms of usability, Drupal should be designed for users to improve their Drupal experience. There were frictions between designers and developers in this regard.
10:51 Drupal achieved a lot, but there is still a huge potential to move Drupal there where it is not yet.
10:52 The most excited part now for Drupal is to figure out how grow right and to reach more users.
10:53 Thank you for your attention.

Stay tuned and watch close our live blogging from DrupalCon Paris.

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