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February 4, 2013

Riverwalk Jazz Project - Three main features.

Riverwalk Jazz is another cool Drupal project implemented by Propeople. The Riverwalk Jazz website is currently listed as a featured Stanford website on, the first and only one for a digital library collection, which makes us particularly proud.

In this short post I will try to make a brief overview on the three main features implemented by us in three months of active Drupal development on the Riverwalk Jazz project.

Online Programs Streaming with Metadata
This one consists of two important tasks: integration with Stream Guys and real time metadata display for each channel. Stream Guys is a third party streaming media providing service that we integrated with a bunch of custom Drupal functions. Propeople have also implemented the custom metadata display that gives the information to the listener about the streamed music in real time with no streaming interruption. The new Riverwalk Jazz website offers two continuous streams containing 350 radio programs, 4000 songs, dozens of guest profiles, as well an improved user interface for an exceptional listening experience with the incomparable Jim Cullum Jazz Band.

Complex migration process
We have performed an ample migration process from Wordpress and a list of custom .XLS spreadsheets to Drupal 7. Propeople extended the Feeds module with custom SQL scripts and functions in order to assure a perfect migration process. 377 jazz programs, more than 4000 songs and dozens of band member profiles have been migrated to Drupal 7.

Drupal Search Extension
In order to facilitate the possibility of data filtering in categories by item, guest and member names Propeople have developed a custom extension for the Drupal Search. All radio shows are thematically programmed by categories such as, Harlem Renaissance, New Orleans, Blues Queens, etc. The search system displays filtered results by specific categories such as songs, guests, and programs. Also, we have implemented a bunch of Search Engine Optimization technologies in order to enhance the search engine generated traffic.

Other provided services
The three features listed above are just a small part of the variety of services we have provided in order to make the Riverwalk Jazz. Here is the full list: Design, Theming, Development, Data Migration, 3rd Party Integration, Performance, Training, Support.

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