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November 6, 2012

Propeople - Core Sponsor at BADCamp 2012

Propeople was one of the core sponsors at this year's Bay Area Drupal Camp, Berkley. This is a much more important thing comparing to last years. We are proud to be on this list, considering the fact that one of the checkpoints on our "mission-list" is to contribute back to the Drupal community.

"A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world - U.C. Berkeley, California"- this is how the guys from Drupal Area Bay Camp define themselves. We totally agree with that! We had a blast participating and setting our booth in the "BAD Camp" area. It was definitely a fun ride and each one of us enjoyed it. Besides us boasting our talents (which are merit based of course), we also had speakers who contributed to the completion of the brightest minds in Drupal.

Yurii Gerasimov shared his impressions on his experience as a participant and speaker at BADCamp this year and here is what he has to say:

"BADCamp was outstanding!"

The road to the Camp: Saturday we started our day with the nice early-morning rush to Berkley. By "early-morning" I mean we had to wake up at 5:30 (Michael woke up way earlier) as we had to be at the conference by 7:00 to set up the Propeople booth. But we were very lucky to find nice a parking spot quite close to the venue. So early birds catch at least a nice parking spot!

Booth: Our booth this year was redesigned as well as our brochures. We have really received a lot of compliments about it from people we talked to. Several times they took pictures of it and took our brochures to give them to their designers. So great job to everyone involved!

Sessions: Finally I have managed to come to the keynote speech! And Dries had it differently to other DrupalCons as he didn't speak about Drupal core and how badly we need core developers. Instead he spoke about the trends of Drupal in the world. That was very interesting. I have attended a part of the "node.js" presentation from Four Kitchens. That was quite interesting, specifically their feedback about the "Services" module and what can be improved there. Another great session I attended was about Varnish from

Examiner. Oooh that was so technical! They explained all the nice pitfalls they had during its implementation. They even had to involve Varnish professionals to help them with the configuration as it used to crash like 4 times a day. I was very luck to sit next to Marc Ingram who explained a lot of other things related to performance improvements. By the way he is working on a project to make Drupal work without MySQL at all (he is trying to make it work on MongoDB completely). I hope he will succeed and we will have huge performance improvements. During the rest of the day I met with people and we had nice discussions about different topics. The Pirate Party was great and fun as well, as lots of people dressed like pirates and that was a lot of fun!

My Speech: Sunday started with my session about the Facets API module. I think it went pretty well as there were quite a few questions during and after my speech. Slides are available here:

Also I attended the Stanford session about their theme. That was quite interesting. You should check it out here. They have very nice style guide. Stanford built their theme based on Twitter bootstrap. The only piece I missed is Panels integration but I am pretty sure there are no technical obstacles to make it already. And the last session was about Form API and Entities in both Drupal 7 and 8. That was very well organized and prepared. I enjoyed it a lot that now in Drupal 8 we have the Drupal 7 wrappers approach to work with the fields and properties of the entities. That makes life so much easier really! We will get rid of our lovely $entity->field_name[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'] constructions and will use the nice $entity->field_name->value.

This was a very great camp and I hope we will organize something similar one day. Big thanks to all organizers and to the people who were involved in it. BADCamp rocks! And here are some photos from the Camp.

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