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November 14, 2012

Propeople at Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2012

On November the 4th the beautiful city of Lviv hosted its first DrupalCamp. Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2012 gathered some awesome Drupal experts together and Propeople couldn't possibly miss it either.
Propeople presented 3 topics:
- Data Migration with Feeds by Vladimir Melnic - showed us examples of data migration with Feeds Module.
- Drupal Commerce and it's API by Sergiu Savva - explaining how Drupal Commerce works and how you can use it's API to extend. Talked about Shipping, Checkout and Tax API were pretty useful for those who are not happy with "out of the box" Commerce Module.
- Extending Media Module by Alexei Gorobets - spoke about Media Module and ways to tweak default Media Browser with Views and your own plugins.
Here is what our guys have to say about the event they attended:
Sergiu Savva (Drupal Developer, Propeople)
"There were around 60 people from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Germany and Denmark but we didn’t experience communication challenges whatsoever. I felt the community spirit that all of us are have the same thing in common - Drupal. The presentations were held for beginners and intermediates. 
During the event people discussed about problem solving, Drupal for small business, integration with SalesForce and Google Apps Marketplace and many other cool subjects. Overall, I really enjoyed being there, at Lviv Euro DrupalCamp 2012." 
Alexei Gorobets(Drupal Developer, Propeople)
"On the 4-th of November Propeople attended a very special event - Lviv Euro Drupal Camp 2012. We had a long trip from Moldova to Ukraine to attend the event and have some fun with the Ukrainian Drupal Community. As expected Lviv turned out to be a very beautiful place. It's very special in all senses. The city is a legendary one, historical, lots of places with their own legends. People are friendly and kind. We had a chance to visit Lviv during the night and it was full of surprises with it's beautiful streets and special architecture. This Drupal Camp was slightly smaller that the one we usually attend at Kiev. It had only 2 rooms with 2 parallel sessions. Overall it scaled for 16 sessions presented by speakers from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia and Denmark. With a total number of 56 attendees, we had lots of fun and got along with a lot of new friends because we were so few. Sessions were about all sorts of Drupal topics for all levels of knowledge. Presentations went very well and we had time for coffee breaks where all sorts of Drupal developers discussed best approaches and argued on previous presentations topics. For sure the camp had a great success, it was the first Drupal Camp organized in western Ukraine and it's not the last. Thank you to all sponsors and organizers for their input. It was a great experience!"

Check out one of the presentations presented at Lviv Euro DrupalCon 2012:

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