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November 28, 2012

Propeople at DrupalCamp Arad 2012

Propeople made itself a habit to attend pretty much every Drupal event in Europe and the United States of America. The last event we were happy to attended was the DrupalCamp held in the beautiful city of Arad, Romania. DrupalCamp Arad 2012 was the third DrupalCamp organized by the Drupal Romania Association.

The previous two were held in Timisoara (2010) and Bucharest (2011). A total number of 94 participants from Belgium, Finland, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania, Serbia and Turkey attended the event this year.

DrupalCamp Arad 2012

Propeople was represented by two of its rockstar Drupal developers Alexandru Scutaru and Sergiu Nagailic (also known as Nikro by the Drupal community) and a marketing guy - me. Sixteen different presentations filled up the two days schedule, three of them were presented by Propeople.


Migration to Drupal by Sergiu Nagailic

  • Feeds Module (and related) - we will talk about Feeds components, other contributed related modules and we'll have a small demo on this one.
  • Migrate Module - this modules views migration from another point of view. We will cover this module overall and also we'll get into some coding details here.
  • Batch (aka the old fashion type of migration) - oh the old way of migration. We will cover this approach as well.
  • Manual Migration - when do we need it and why there are cases where we can't actually avoid it.


Drupal Services and Backbone.js by Sergiu Nagailic

  • Web Services - what are the types of web services (in general), why do we need them, how did people implement them and why RESTful services are winning.
  • Web Services in Drupal - the Services module - what does it represent, how it works, what is it made of and how can we extend it. We'll cover the REST type of Server and of course we'll have demos, demos and more demos.
  • Backbone.js - a module that integrates Backbone.js into Drupal - we'll have a small demo and some explanations regarding how exactly do things work.


Speed up Drupal by Alexandru Scutaru

  • Basic performance settings. Aggregate JS/CSS to decrease http requests number. Compression.
  • Choosing modules / Avoid redundant functionality. (why install Context if we have Blocks and Panels)
  • Known performance issues (views contextual filter validation, node access modules...)
  • Optimizing content structures. Performance impact.
  • Caching:
    • describing and comparing cache backends
    • cache services setup and configuration (memcached, varnish)
    • caching strategy
    • block caching and node access modules


Here are some opinions we got from other attendees about Propeople’s performance at DrupalCamp Arad: Aaron Porter, CBDO #AberdeenCloud

“I have had the opportunity to meet and interact with several members of the Propeople team at numerous Drupal events this year, including, but not limited to: DrupalCon Munich, BAD Camp, and DrupalCamp Arad. They have consistently delivered informative and relevant presentations to the Drupal community at each event.”


Claudiu Cristea, co-founder Drupal Romania Association

“Our first interaction with Propeople happened back in 2010 when Propeople kindly accepted to support the DrupalCamp Timisoara, the first DrupalCamp ever organized by Drupal Romania Association. We were delighted to have the guys from Propeople as our guests at the DrupalCamp Arad this year. Sergiu’s and Alexandru’s sessions brought an addition of quality to our conference. I’m looking forward to meeting Propeople soon at the future Drupal events.”


Also, check out Nikro's impressions about DrupalCamp Arad 2012 on his blog.

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