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November 19, 2009

New Microsoft products released at the Professional Developers Conference 2009

Microsoft announced the availability of the Windows Azure Platform at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, thus making Windows Azure and SQL Azure as core elements of the company’s cloud services strategy.

In addition, along with Windows Azure Platform, Microsoft has brought up lots of new technology like the Windows Server AppFabric and Windows Azure platform AppFabric, ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta, Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, and many others.

There is so much new stuff that many developers confessed they are having a hard time to get up to speed with all the new codenames that Microsoft just announced. However, the most important thing we want to focus on is the benefits of the new technology for us and our clients.

First, AppFabric will significantly improve websites’ caching, performance and monitoring capability. It will also improve scalability, reliability and performance of complex applications, regardless of where an application will be deployed. This means our clients' websites will perform better, and will have an advanced level of scalability and reliability.

The newly ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta helps to reuse the code through easier implementation of unit tests, thus increasing websites’ performance by reducing the output HTML. We are already using ASP.NET MVC 2 Beta in projects run at Propeople.

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET framework 4.0 increases development productivity by providing language enhancements and new improved libraries. Also, Visual Studio 2010, specifically Team Foundation Server 2010, will enhance our Application Lifecycle Management with better tracking and reporting tools, as well as improved work item management and integration with third party systems.

This is for the first time when Windows Azure is announced to support deploying of virtual machines. This will help EPiServer and SiteFinity clients to get unprecedented availability and scale up and down performance/capacity on demand depending on their current needs and on a demand-oriented price.

Finally, Microsoft released the Microsoft Office 2010 Beta suite that is available for download today. Propeople will be evaluating the beta in the next few months and we will be ready for the official release in the beginning of next year. This will give Propeople and our clients’ competitive advantage in resource and project planning, and will increase human resources utilization and efficiency.


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