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October 30, 2012

Inspiration Dose: Creative Logo Collection

Being creative while designing a logo might end up being one of the most important parts of a marketing campaign and have a huge impact for a business.

Creativity comes from the inside - this is undeniable, but sometimes there come the so-called creative blockages that simply put you out of the business. Any job that uses creativity hates deadlines, especially when it is right around the corner. However one of the things that might get you back on track are creative resources. Viewing works made by other people can give you just the right hint where it is needed, especially if the dreadful deadline doesn't let you sleep at night. Coming back to logo's, as mentioned before - logos require quite a lot of creativity and dedication to understand what the client wants and express it in a simple combination of images and fonts. I have browsed the web in order to find a couple of logos I liked and showcase them here for you guys to maybe get the right inspiration if that's what you are looking for.



Looks Good Design Magazine

Diamond Book Store


Food Writers Community

Spartan Golf Club

Clocking Bird


News Flash Agency

Cow World



Eco-friendly StreetWear, LA



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