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April 12, 2012

Drupal Search Engine Optimization: Tools & Resources

Drupal is a very powerful and flexible CMS. These qualities remain the same when it comes specifically to it's SEO friendliness. Search Engine Optimization is one of the top priorities every developer should consider in order to create a high quality website.

That's why we came up with a list of tutorials, tools and other brilliant resources, everyone who wants to get more familiar with Drupal Search Engine Optimization techniques and solutions, may find useful. Enjoy!

Articles & Tutorials

Introduction to Drupal SEO Tools (video)

“The SEO Tools module affects all three of the core components of a website with great rankings – its architecture, content and backlinks, providing you the information on the quality of those. The module really shines when it comes to content optimization. It lets you research which keywords related to your business are effective and popular...” check it out

Drupal Search Engine Optimization

“Due to the exponential growth in blogs and website, Search Engine optimization popularly know as SEO have become one of the hottest topic online. From beginners to top web gurus are desperately looking for ways to improve their sites visibility in search. This post tries to explain some of the general SEO tip to follow when you are developing a Drupal website(whether it Drupal 6 or Drupal 7)...” check it out

Make your Drupal site SEO friendly using Pathauto

“Drupal’s Pathauto Module is a great module for SEO. It automatically generates URL aliases for nodes based on highly-configurable rules. This tutorial starts by introducing Drupal’s URL aliases, and then moves on to configuring Pathauto...” check it out

SEO for Drupal 7

“Drupal is very strong when it comes to SEO. To further enhance Drupal’s SEO optimization capabilities it is worthwhile utilizing some specialized Drupal SEO modules. Unfortunately there are no SEO modules for Drupal 7 that are a comprehensive SEO solution...” check it out

Drupal SEO Tutorial (for Drupal 6)

“At its heart, Drupal is a way for people to build great websites in a short period of time. By SEO standards, Drupal’s clean, open source code makes it a very flexible and powerful content management system (CMS), but it takes some work to get it configured just the right way for the search engines...” check it out

7 Crucial Google Analytics Stats You Can't Afford to Ignore

“Of course, there's a lot to Google Analytics that, if you're a first time user, can seem a bit intimidating. So while it's possible to measure a wide range of variables, there are really only seven that could be considered crucial. These are the seven Google Analytics stats we always look at, and you should too...” check it out

Web Developer Tutorial: SEO with Drupal: Page Title Module

“A key advantage to a content management system is that it places content creation in the hands of the client. However, the downside to having the Web developer removed from the process is that search engine optimization (SEO) can suffer...” check it out

Tools & Modules

Drupal SEO Essentials

“Drupal SEO Essentials is designed to be a dirt simple way to automate installation and configuration of essential Drupal SEO modules. It can be used as an stand alone module or an App.” check it out


“The SEO UI module glues together the Path, Pathauto, Redirect and Metatag module functionality into a single vertical tab. The basic functionality of the modules is not altered, although some aspects of the form presentation such as descriptive text and labels are altered.” check it out

Drupal SEO Friend (Tools & Reports)

“The Drupal SEO Friend module is meant to be used along side existing Drupal SEO modules to make them more effective. This module does not replace functionality available in the SEO Checklist and SEO Compliance Checker modules.” it out

SEO Compliance Checker

“The SEO Compliance Checker checks node content on search engine optimization upon its creation or modification. Whenever a publisher saves or previews a node, the module performs a set of checks and gives the user a feedback on the compliance of the rules. This module is supported by the UFirst Group.” check it out

WordStream Keyword Tools

“The WordStream module integrates WordStream keyword tools into your Drupal site. The WordStream service provides a keyword research api (with a free account option). The WordStream module provides access to both classes of keyword tools.” check it out


“The Alchemy module provides several interfaces for analyzing site content via the Alchemy services API. AlchemyAPI provides content owners and web developers with a rich suite of content analysis and meta-data annotation tools.” check it out

Content Optimizer

“The Content Optimizer module helps to increase your site’s search engine (e.g. Google) rankings by improving on-page optimization factors and insuring your content conforms toDrupal SEO best practices. It enables a quick SEO analyzer that provides instant analysis of any site content as a quick and easy guide to assure SEO best practices are consistently followed. The analysis displays vital content statistics and recommendations for improving search engine rankings.” Books

Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization

check it out

The Ultimate SEO Machine - Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

“With a unique ability to simplify seemingly complex topics, Mario makes search engine optimization easy. He provides a thorough overview and strategy that both novice and expert search marketers can implement. "The Ultimate SEO Machine" covers on-page optimization and moves into both simple and advanced linking strategies.”

check it out

SEO Made Simple (Second Edition)

“Is a tell-all search engine optimization guide for anyone trying to reach the highly coveted #1 ranking on Google for their website or blog. Updated and expanded with the latest information on search engine optimization (SEO) and including more than 20 new pages of proven search engine optimization techniques. SEO Made Simple is today's top-selling search engine optimization guide. Learn from leading Webmaster, Michael H. Fleischner, the specific SEO techniques that deliver top rankings in less than 30 days.”

check it out

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