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July 1, 2010

Best Web Design and Web Development Tutorials Roundup [June 2010]

Web Design and Web Development are those two sciences that every second web surfer wants to study these days.

To make it easier for you, we have started a new monthly blog post series, showing you the best Web Design and Web Development tutorials of the previous month. This article contains a roundup of 20 great tutorials written by various Web Designers and Web Developers in June 2010. After reading these stunning materials you will gain a big amount of fresh knowledge for you professional and/or personal interest. Photoshop, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, JQTouch... choose any of these topics and you will find at least one tutorial related to your option. Enjoy!

Web Design

Getting Ready for a Website Redesign: Advice, Resources and More

"There is a season for all things, and this holds true in the world of web design too. Naturally with the technologies and languages evolving at the rate that they tend to, not to mention the evolution of our own personal skillsets, we find new design doors opening up before us all the time..." check it out

Neon Text Effect With jQuery & CSS

"Today we are creating a neon glow text effect with CSS and jQuery. The first step to achieving this effect, is to create a background image, which contains two slightly different versions of the text. jQuery fades between those two versions creating a smooth transition effect..." check it out

Create a Moveable Sticky Note With MooTools and CSS3

"We’ll start off by building our sticky note just like we would on any site and finish by making it moveable. The HTML for this tutorial is super simple and contains only a couple divs and elements..." check it out

Getting Started with Tumblr & Custom Theme Design

"Websites powered by Tumblr (or Tumblelogs , or tlogs) are becoming increasingly popular. Tumblr fills the gap between Twitter and the full blog, allowing users to post short updates in text, video, photo, link, chat, quote and audio formats quickly and easily..." check it out

Create an Animated Banner Ad in Photoshop CS5

"Animated Gif files have been the butt of many jokes within the design community. That is because animated gifs are famous for being a bit cheesy and notorious for cluttering up a page. Used properly however, animation can draw interest to an otherwise overlooked area of a page..." check it out

How to Design a Clean Business Website with Photoshop

"In this tutorial, I’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding of Photoshop and know how to do basic tasks such as adding text, drawing shapes, and resizing/rotating objects..." check it out

How to create an artisitc website layout in Photoshop

"For today we have created another psd template and I think it can be used as a static website (simple HTML page) but in the same time can be integrated with one of the popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal..." check it out

How to create a nice portfolio/showcase layout in photoshop

"For today I will create another web layout tutorial in Photoshop and this time I will create a nice portfolio/showcase website. This web layout can be used as well for a business website or a website where you would like to showcase your services/products..." check it out

Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images

"Ever since all the articles showcasing the new features in HTML5 and CSS3 started appearing around the web, I have had the idea of building a website layout without any images..." check it out

Create a Vibrant Digital Poster Design with CSS3

"Follow this walkthrough of the making of Circlicious, a vibrant and abstract digital poster design made purely of HTML and CSS..." check it out

Web Development

How to Create a Drop-down Nav Menu with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery

"In this tutorial, we’ll take a look and see what we can achieve with HTML5 and CSS3 when it comes to the staple of current web sites: the humble drop-down navigation menu. We’ll also use jQuery to handle the effects and add the finishing touches for us..." check it out

The 10 HTML Tags Beginners Aren’t Using

"Every tag that I mention below is supported in both HTML 4.01 and HTML 5. While some of these tags are already widely used; I would like to challenge some of the ways that we use and think about them..." check it out

The Ultimate Guide To A/B Testing

"A/B testing isn’t a buzz term. A lot of savvy marketers and designs are using it right now to gain insight into visitor behavior and to increase conversion rate..." check it out

How to Build a Live Visitor Tracking System for your Website

"If you have a website, you are probably interested in knowing who visits you site. You might want to know the number of visitors, where are they from, how did they get to your site..." check it out

10 PHP Code Snippets For Working With Strings

"Strings are a very important kind of data, and you have to deal with them daily with web development tasks. In this article, I have compiled 10 extremely useful functions and code snippets to make your php developer life easier..." check it out

Get more efficient with jQuery’s getScript

"GetScript is a jQuery ajax function that loads a script from your specified url and has an extremely useful callback function for when the script is loaded. This is exactly what I needed..." check it out

WordPress Theme Development: Custom versus Commercial

"WordPress theme development and design is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of web development. Whether you’re building a custom theme for a client’s website or designing a theme for widespread distribution..." check it out

How To Implementing Gravatar in your PHP Application

"Gravatar or globally recognized avatar is a service for providing globally-unique avatars for different applications. It was started by Tom Preston-Werner but it’s now owned by “Automattic”, the company behind WordPress..." check it out

Ajax Poll Script With PHP, MySQL & jQuery

"In this tutorial, we'll be creating an Ajax Poll Script that displays the results with colored and animated lines using PHP, MySQL and jQuery..." check it out

Create an iPhone optimised website using jQTouch

"This tutorial isn’t going to walk you through every single path you could take, but simply the path I decided to take. But it will give you a clearer insight on how to approach web development for Mobile Safari..." check it out

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