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August 3, 2010

Best Web Design and Web Development Tutorials Roundup [July 2010]

A month ago we've started a monthly blog post series to show you some of the best Web Design and Web Development tutorials around the web. This month's article includes a roundup of 20 great tutorials written by various Web Designers and Web Developers in July 2010. After reading these stunning materials you will gain a big amount of fresh knowledge for you professional and/or personal interest. Photoshop, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, jQuery, Wordpress and SEO… choose any of these topics and you will find at least one tutorial related to your option. Enjoy!

Web Design

Design a Professional Portfolio Web Layout

"Learn how to create a super professional portfolio web design through a number of techniques including lighting effects, blending options, and general design theory..." check it out

Create a green energy website in Photoshop

"Basically if you have a project on which you will need to create a web layout/template for a green energy website such as solar power, wind power, wave power, geothermal power or tidal power this tutorial it will definitely help you..." check it out

Tips for Designing for Colorblind Users

"It’s estimated that about 8% of males and 0.5% of females are born colorblind. That may seem like a low number but if you’re designing for a large audience, having a site that’s unusable for eight out of every hundred males is definitely less than desirable..." check it out

How to Get More Web Design Work With a Great Prospect List

"When there is not a lot of past work leading to new work, it is the responsibility of the designer to go out and actively search for new clients. A great prospect list is the place to start..." check it out

Make an Elegant and Simple Blog Web Layout Using Photoshop

"This web design tutorial will show you the process of developing a PSD mockup of a clean and simple blog layout. We will be creating the design of the front page of the blog..." check it out

Create a lovely textured web design from Photoshop to HTML/CSS

"In this tutorial we are going to learn how to realize a nice web site layout using a nice texture. The post is divided in two parts: first we create the web page in photoshop and then we convert the PSD in a working HTML/CSS page ready for the web..." check it out

Creating a Neon Blink Effect for your Forms using CSS3 and jQuery

"How cool will it be to have a glowing blink effect behind your input boxes in a form without using Flash? Well, then this tutorial teaches you on how to build one in the easiest manner possible..." check it out

How to design a professional website for your school, college or university

"You have to create a website for your school, college or university! In this tutorial I will show how you can impress your colleagues and teachers by creating a professional website for your a school, college or university..." check it out

Design a web 2.0 wordpress theme

"Today we will continue to create another nice web 2.0 wordpress theme. Designing wordpress themes is very easy because they does not require so many details like a game layout, or a restaurant layout for example. In this tutorial we will use the Graphstock framework..." check it out

Style Your Site According to the Weather with jQuery

"By pulling in feed from the Yahoo API with jQuery, you can style your website according to the Weather! Find out how by following this step by step guide..." check it out

Web Development

Making a Slick MobileApp Website with jQuery & CSS

"Today we are making a complete jQuery & CSS website for a fictional mobile application. It is going to feature semantic markup and a progressively enhanced slideshow effect. It will allow the user to see four of the most popular smartphones running the mobile app..." check it out

How to Create Blog Excerpts with PHP

"Ever visited a blog, and noticed that each posting’s overview only contained a hundred characters or so, which is then followed by “…”? Ever wondered how to do that yourself? It’s not quite as easy as you might think..." check it out

The Ultimate Essential Guidelines for WordPress 404 Error Pages

"Error 404 is a standard HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) status code. The "Not Found" respond code, shows that a client (browser) isn’t able to make contact with a server, this happens because the server can’t complete the request made by the client, or the browser configuration wasn’t properly setup to fulfill the request..." check it out

Creating Cross Browser HTML5 Forms Now, Using modernizr, webforms2 and html5Widgets

"Calendars, colour swatches, sliding widgets, client side validation: this is the nirvana that the HTML5 forms module promises. Some would say “So what? I’ve seen this on the web for years!”, and they’d be right. There have been some really brilliant people coding some really interesting widget and validation frameworks, so why should we change..." check it out

PHP Basics: Installation [Video Tutorial]

"Today Jim looks at getting started with the popular programming language PHP. In this 8 minute video he shows you how to install PHP and write your first lines of PHP code..." check it out

How To Write a Restricted Content Plugin

"In this tutorial, I’m going to show you some of the basics of writing a WordPress plugin from scratch that will allow you to restrict content on your site to registered users. You will be able to restrict complete pages / posts by clicking a check box or just sections of content using WordPress shortcodes..." check it out

WordPress 3.0: Multisite Domain Mapping Tutorial

"The Domain Mapping plugin is not your regular kind of plugin. You cannot install it through the normal Plugins->Add New menu. Well, actually, you can, it just won’t work..." check it out

SEO Optimization For Wordpress

"I have no idea if it’s as a result of this, but after doing my optimization, WPShout has suddenly jumped to PR 5 (I believe it was last at PR 3)..." check it out

Exception Handling in PHP5

"Exceptions are the PHP 5 way of flagging up an unexpected event. They contain an information message, and can be extended just like any other object..." check it out

Making a Custom YouTube Video Player With YouTube’s APIs

"Today we are going to make a jQuery plugin which uses YouTube’s chromeless player, and creates our own set of minimalistic controls, which allows for perfect integration with your designs. The supported controls include a Play/Pause/Replay button, and a clickable progress bar..." check it out

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