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May 31, 2011

Best Web Design and Web Development Articles of May 2011

This post contains a roundup of great articles written by various Web Designers and Web Developers in May 2011.

Here is the list of articles written in May 2011 we found interesting and useful. Get the most of them. Enjoy!

Web Design


How To Create a Sleek Grid Based Website Design

"Follow this step by step tutorial to create a sleek website design for a fictional eyewear company..." check it out


Create a Stylish Tab-Based Interface with CSS3

"In this tutorial you will learn how to design a tab-based interface styled entirely with CSS3 and containing no images..." check it out


Modern Lab Layout: Website Template

"This web design template follows web standards and practices, has a fully functional image slider in the featured area, and has support for IE6 and above..." check it out


Design a Sleek Textured Blue Portfolio

"We’re going to use guides in order to set out our sleek textured layout...." check it out


Responsive Web Design: A Visual Guide

"These days, “one size fits all” is quickly becoming a dated concept. Luckily, with CSS media queries, we can now easily build responsive web designs that accomodate everything from your mobile phone, up to your massive desktop..." check it out


How to Create Presentation Slides with HTML and CSS

"With a bit of fiddling, we can easily create beautiful presentations with HTML and CSS..." check it out


Sketch, Skitch, Code!

"Here at Carsonified HQ, we have a design workflow that's really working well, so I wanted to share..." check it out


Designing for Different Age Groups

"Diversity is one of the things that make the web great, and every audience has its own needs and requirements. But what happens if that audience is comprised of a specific age group?..." check it out


Designing Effective FAQ Pages

"FAQ stands for "frequently asked questions." As the name implies, it is a type of web page (or group of web pages) that lists questions frequently asked by users, usually about different aspects of the website or its services..." check it out


Building Credibility with Responsive Website Design

"Website traffic is the key component to building any strong community. As web designers we often forget about the user experience and focus on pretty graphics and pixel icons..." check it out

Web Development


In defense of CSS hacks — introducing “safe CSS hacks”

"How do you target Internet Explorer in your CSS? Do you use CSS hacks, conditional stylesheets or something else?..." check it out


A better way to deal with Internet Explorer conditional styles

"For a few years now I’ve been using one or two conditional stylesheets to help with cross browser support, or in other words ‘to help fix Internet Explorer’. But recently I’ve been trying out Paul Irish’s technique..." check it out


2 And 3 Column Fluid CSS Layouts

"The concepts for creating fluid layouts are mostly the same we used in creating the fixed width layouts with a few key differences..." check it out


How to Create a Web Spy with a PHP Crawler

"Crawler, spider, bot, or whatever you want to call it, is a program that automatically gets and processes data from sites, for many uses...." check it out


Styling ordered list numbers

"I’ve always been annoyed by how difficult it is to style the numbers of ordered lists. Quite often a design calls for something other than just a plain figure – a different font, size, colour, background, whatever..." check it out


How to create offline HTML5 web apps in 5 easy steps

"Among all cool new features introduced by HTML5, the possibility of caching web pages for offline use is definitely one of my favorites..." check it out


Image Wall with jQuery

"Today we want to show you how to create a neat image wall with jQuery. The idea is to scatter some thumbnails with different sizes on the page and make a ribbon slide in when we click on the picture..." check it out


Object-Oriented PHP: Working with Inheritance

"Learn how inheritance works in PHP. This tutorial explores the concept of parent and child classes; overriding methods; final classes; abstract classes, and interfaces. Example code included..." check it out


A Basic HTML5 Template

"As you learn HTML5 and add new techniques to your toolbox, you’re likely going to want to build yourself a blueprint, or boilerplate, from which you can begin all your HTML5-based projects..." check it out


Creating a Body Border

"The way to create this body border with the deepest cross browser compatibility is to use four elements to do it..." check it out

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