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November 9, 2012

Authcache addons: Authcache actions & Ajax pane

Johny Kartakov, our developer from the Ukranian office would like to share two modules that help a lot with Caching for authenticated users on a website. 
Authcache Actions
Is a “Rules” - based module that provides action to clean cache for users with multiple roles for a specific page. Simple instrunctions on how to use this module can be found here Why should I use this module? Because it helps when you need caching in a specific page and new node content needs to be displayed right after an update. Or, you have a listings page that is in cache and you added new a new item to this listing and cache needs to be refreshed. 
These types of actions is possible to implement with the help of  “Rules” and the “Clear cache by path” action, provided by Authcache Actions. What is the story? Parts of this module was originally developed for the project and the module itself was created for internal an network for the Stanford Graduation School project:
Ajax pane
Provides the possibility to load any “Pane” in the “Panels” via Ajax. Install instructions can be found here: Why to use? It was mainly developed to load user specific content while the whole page is cached. But it is also possible to load some content from external feeds which can slow down the overall site page loading. What is the story? Main functionality was developed for where tons of users have their own notes for books and notes list uploads with the help of Ajax panes. 
The second version for D7 was mainly used for and Please help me test it or if you have some ideas how this modules can be improved post an issue here and here.

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